Our collars are handcrafted products of the highest quality.

We offer two Lines: Luxury, top of the range, and Underground, an easy line but of excellent quality. The first in real vegetable tanned leather, non-toxic, for greater safety of your 4-legged friend, even in contact with his saliva it does not release toxic or harmful substances. The second in genuine leather with a metropolitan style.

Both lines boast a refined design, the one that has always distinguished us.

All collars are riveted with silver, gold, and aged gold brass studs. Tear-proof welded buckles with tongue, loop and steel ring. Holes closure, adjustable according to your needs and neck size. Our Logo engraved with clichés to ensure the authenticity of our brand.

Our pride is the 'DEVIL' Collar.

26 Swarovski, precious in the shape of riveted diamonds, with certificate of authenticity and guarantee.

Possibility on request of powder blue color.

Concept bullophilosophy.

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collar in real leather, vegetable tanning or non-toxic. Waxed grain side, heat-treated with natural grain and resin-coated side.